Build a BI solution in 

weeks instead of months

We deliver an accelerated data warehouse process streamlined 

for your business that delivers business value from month one.

Achieve goals

Fast reliable delivery of business intelligence.

SpotOnBI SaaS connect directly to your business sources and creates a common source of data for all the business users in the organisation always showing the same data to all involved parties.

Enable your organisation

An holistic view and one source of the truth for your business

Your data is already connected but it could be difficult to make use of those connections. SpotOnBI SaaS does this work for you, we connect the dots and enable you to breakout of the silos integrating data from different business areas with ease. Out of the box data is accessed through Excel or PowerBI but other business intelligence tools for analysis, exploration and visualisation like Tableau, QlikView  can also connect to the data.

Spot anomalies and opportunities

Your organisation gets the ability to discover opportunities and anomalies through easy accessible and regular updated data, This will enable you to take action based on data.

Improve processes

With the possibility to discover which processes are failing comes the possibility to improve those processes. SpotOnBI will also keep track of how your processes perform over time.


An organisation benefit from transparency across business areas and a common data warehouse goes a long way to meet that goal.

Resource optimisation

Your organisation focus on your core business and analys the data you do not need to spend most of your time collecting  and preparing the data as we are doing that for you

Minimum of administration

Automation is build into SpotOnBI, we do not want to babysit every data update so we figured that you would not want that either. SpotOnBI schedules updates to provide timely updates and integration of new data into the data warehouse.

Valid and up-to-date 

With user definable thresholds and validations data is curated and SpotOnBI spits out the bad seeds with an advice for the data stewards to correct faulty values.

Add new data sources

SpotOnBI SaaS is build on top on the Azure platform and can utilizes all Azure Data Factory built-in connector to integrate with your source systems. Further we build custom connectors for integration to source system where a out of the  box connector does not exists . To provide enhanced business value will we cross reference the data with other data sources.

Continous innovation

We  grow with our customers, we create continous innovation to make it simpler for you to discover and use the power of what you already have

We implement in two stages

1. Connect directly to business data sources

Setup and configuration of a standard data warehouse with our SpotOn BI Accelerator that will deliver value in the form of  reports and measures to the users directly. This would be sufficient in most cases but in many scenarios we want to dig deeper  and add  additional source systems.

2. Extended integration

The second part is to include your unique source systems which is sometime needed to create fully integrated and holistic view of your business enabling analysts to dig deeper and draw more comprehensive conclusions. 

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